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Sonny is currently serving his 22nd year on the Township Committee. For 18 of those years he has been selected as mayor. The mayor is not elected but rather chosen by the five members of the committee, so Sonny’s repeated selection shows the great respect the other committee members have for his leadership abilities.

Sonny became involved in politics much like other people do. He had a problem in his neighborhood and was not happy with the way the committee dealt with it. In true American fashion he decided to run for office himself and won his first term with a write-in campaign. Since that time he has consistently been the top vote getter when he runs for reelection.

Sonny is one of the founding members of the United Republican Club of Egg Harbor Township. Once again, he was dissatisfied with the existing club who were losing elections. He knew he could do better and has, winning every election since its founding in 1993.

Long before the current over-development, Sonny was the first person to see that the high growth mandate of 33,000 homes would be devastating to Egg Harbor Township. As mayor, he took the Pinelands Commission to court in the mid ‘80’s to have the law overturned, but unfortunately the township lost that court battle. As a result, the township had to go into compliance in the early ‘90’s, meaning we had to zone for 33,000 houses in one half of our township. Still, he has not given up the fight and is now working with the Pinelands Commission and our elected officials at the state level to have the mandates reduced and to phase in development.

Sonny spent many years coaching various sports teams in the township and other volunteer activities. He is a businessman and Deputy Director of the Engineering Department of the SJTA. He is also the municipal chairman of the Republican County Committee.

Sonny lives in the Seaview Harbor section of the township. Sonny and his Wife of 34 years, Georgene, have been blessed with a beautiful family. They have four Sons, Jim, George, William (Sonny) and Sean. They have five Grandchildren, Ginette, Georgina, Lydia, Patrick, and Peter.


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